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Example of Axes Paragraph Essay

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  • on January 20, 2013
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Isabel Allende, author of the story And of Clay Are We Created, and Bradley Graham, author of the newspaper article “Ill-Equipped Rescuers Dig Out Volcano Victims; Aid Slow to Reach Columbian Town” both provide a purpose, point of view, tone and descriptive details that reveal the similarities and differences within the two genres distinguished as fiction and non-fiction. One of the numerous similarities revealed from both of the pieces is the mentioning of the young, thirteen year-old girl who was trapped in the thick mud, and there was a thin chance or probability that she will ever be freed or survive. Another major similarity found within the two genres are the descriptive details of the horrors that resulted and the tragedy many people experienced from the violent volcano eruption. In both stories, details of the thousands of civilians who were buried in the mud and the area being declared “holy ground” due to the excessive amount of corpses that had to be left in the same area where they died were told in both texts. “He added that it was impossible to remove all the corpses or count the thousands who had disappeared; the entire valley would be declared holy ground, and bishops would come to celebrate a solemn mass for the souls of the victims” (Allende 264). Both genres exemplified the intensity or magnitude of the devastating damage done to the land after the eruption. Though these two pieces possess distinct similarities, there are also many major differences between them that signalize or provide the barrier between a fiction piece and a non-fiction piece. In the story by Allende, Allende’s purpose in writing the story differentiates from Graham’s purpose in which her purpose was to allow an emotional connection, to inform the readers about the horrors that occurred in the story, and to portray to the readers that even the best efforts fail. “I recognized...

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