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Essay On Charity

  • Submitted by: jetplane1123
  • on April 3, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Persuasive Essay

I think everyone should donate to charity. Do you know when you donate to charity; you feel good about yourself, help others and make them feel better too? A donation to charity is as simple as giving up coffee for a month and using the money you would usually use to buy that coffee, and save it up; it’s that simple!
We live in a privileged world, yet there are millions of people all over the globe who are impoverished, starving and living in terrible conditions. While organizations such as the Family Center, P.A.L.S, Bermuda Hospital Boards and the Salvation Army work feverishly to spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for the people who need it.
There are numerous benefits attached to the donation of money to charity organizations. One major benefit is the knowledge that your donation will go to improving the life of another person. By donating money to the less fortunate, you are taking action against hunger, poverty, sickness and possible death.
For example, the most un-noticed poverty of African society is the kids who live there. It is frightening to see how the mothers and kids suffer. In that hot climate it is very important to fight against infectious diseases. Water supplies are limited, and drinking water is of notorious low quality. Through small charitable funds from around the globe, countries like Somalia can be one the healthiest places to live.
It isn't hard to see that a lot of people, animals, and the environment in general are being neglected in our world today.   That's not to say that a lot of things haven't been improved over time as well.   As I come from one the many wealthy nations, I can witness daily both the significances of greed and the horrific devastation of poverty, although of course the amount of poverty in my country is far less than in so-called third-world or developing countries.   If we watch the news, we can also see all kinds of issues relating to the sustainability of our planet...

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