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English Language Essay

  • Submitted by: wanghai733
  • on September 29, 2013
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English controlled assessment
In this essay I will compare two texts social networking. One of the texts is a leaflet called “Young people and social networking sites” whilst the other is the website called the “collegian” We can know this because of the layout of the two texts.
The audiences for the two texts are fairly obvious, although the leaflet is slightly misleading. By the design and colour scheme of the leaflet one would assume it is for a younger teenage audience however upon further inspection we can see it is in fact made for the parents of such a demographic because of the title “a guide for parents, carers and teachers about social networking sites” we can also see that the title mentions not only parents but also teachers and carers. On the other hand we have the “collegian” which seems to be more aimed at a wider audience due to its neutral colour scheme and use of language such as “a click away”, this is not something that is often seen in texts aimed for older audiences however it is formal enough to be considered so.
The two texts differ greatly in their choice of appearance, the leaflet opts for a more colourful and bright scheme whilst the website ops for a more bland yet professional look. The leaflet with its bright Green and blue colors may entice the reader to actually pick up and read the leaflet. The website doesn’t have this luxury because bright colors on a webpage automatically throws readers off deceiving them into thinking it would be for children but as previously stated that is not true.   Due to it being this way the website gains credibility and the feeling of it being an official text rather than someone’s opinion.   The leaflet opts for an abundance of text and lack of images or any sort of break in between paragraphs however the website has a few images related to it and adverts on the right hand side of the text. This makes the text seem less daunting to a younger audience .
The content of the leaflet is more descriptive...

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