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English Homework 9 Answers Essay

  • Submitted by: ubsoez
  • on May 2, 2011
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Reading Response 9
Part A.
I do not agree with David Taylor’s idea of bravado and pride tying Texans together. Texas is a geographically large state with vastly different cultures, and with these cultures being so different, I find it hard that a Western rancher can relate with a 9-5 Houston city slicker. He then goes on and supports by thoughts all of a sudden saying, “There is very little that binds us here in Texas.” (3) David Taylor understands the vast cultural differences, and then goes on to say, “The closest thing one can say that makes us Texan is our pride in being Texan.” (4) I do not agree with this as it is a weak example and does not provide enough reasoning. Being a Houstonian, I feel it hard to relate to even a neighbor city such as Dallas. “Texan Bravado” (4) is just another way of saying “Love for one’s homeland.” This is something that is not unique to Texas, and due to it’s vast geographical size, the differences of culture from border to border are so great that this common “Bravado” is almost lost.
Part B. 3.
Haddad’s usage of sentences fragments adds a unique scenic approach utilizing heavy imagery which helps the reader tap into her mind and not only mentally visualize what she saw, but also smell the aromas, physical sensations of nature, and even tap into her mental bliss as she recalls her memories. To show you just how much water, Heddad writes, “Then, I see water, almost drowning in it, driving over bridges in Corpus, water to my left, water to my right, water bleeding somehow into sky’s edge, into space, water stretched out as far as heaven…” (121) Although this sentence contains multiple grammer errors, it almost eerily allows you to visualize the grandiose water. Also “two edges of the world, two edges of the world. Desert. Water. Possible to have two lovers.” (115) Her repetitive statement and 1 word sentences shows how desert and water are almost frankly in love as they contradictory co-exist side by side.

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