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Energy Saving Essay

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Below is an essay on "Energy Saving" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As the economy goes down and the ice caps continue to melt, Americans are starting to be green. Not green like painting yourself like a plant but pretty close. By being people green it helps the earth by re-using resources materials, using less energy, decreases the use of harmful products into our environment, and possibly save some money in our pockets. People are constantly try and find newer ways to find clean energy from their environments to reduce their energy bills. Citizens living on the coast would love having energy from the nature since they live around it. If they love and use the ocean for enjoyment why cant they use it for power too? The government should help start using alternative resources for people living in Florida with deal with the rising electrical bills.
    Our Government in florida has tried to help our residents with our finical energy problems but has only help people with
low income. There is only one program toward any finical help with energy and that's the "Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program".
In 2008, Florida's government adapted the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to help people with the their energy bills.
This program is a $4.5 billion dollar block grant for people with the lowest income or special needs to be helped for example the disabled
and handicapped(. The program requires qualification thou for you to be able receive any pension from the grant. This helps all the countys
in Florida not just the ones on the coasts(My Florida).
    Besides the programs our government gives use for help there are a lot of of ways we Floridians could create clean energy in Florida and save our counties and saving money in the process over time. With a place like Florida where we live with nature half the time; we need to harness it's power! Like for instance solar energy and wave energy would be the best for a abundant amount of natural energy since we deal with the sun and ocean constantly and have a somewhat...

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