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Egypt Essay

  • Submitted by: nonya914
  • on June 14, 2012
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It all started about 3300 BC along the Nile River Egypt became the first civilization in the world’s history. Egypt is possibly the most leading of the Arab states, its population is about 65 million people and their official language is Arabic.   It is located between Africa and the middle east and had a history stretching more than 6,000 years. Egypt was separated into two part ; upper and lower Egypt ; , soon the two lands became one causing one power of authority . No other civilization could compete with Egypt’s world known structures , wealth , great kings and queens or even there centuries of peace.
          Being that Egypt was known as the greatest civilization of its time they did have something over everybody else, fortunately they had a river, not any river but the Nile river. Ancient Egyptians believed that the waters of the Nile came from a mysterious heaven of plenty. Everybody depended on the river for food , water , and transportation. The river at east once every year flooded Egypt leaving black sediment. The Nile River is the longest river in the world, it is 4,000 miles long , being the reason why Egyptians had a unlimited water supply. Without the Nile River there is no way Egyptian civilization could have lasted as long as it did. Another resource besides water that oil supplied was oil, many of the workers was paid off with oil.Even today in America, we would not be able to function with the basic natural resources like fresh water, oil, timber etc.   In New York alone records show about nine million people used over one billion gallons of water in just a single day.
      The Nile river also helped the ancient Egyptians farmers grow crops , doing this was a lot of work . Farmers built canals to direct   water onto the fields, they later found a way to save water for the dry season. Many people don’t realize that they   did not have a store they can get all different types of farming tools from. Everything they used they constructed their...

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