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Egt1 Task 4 Essay

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Thailand is a great option for Company A to start the expansion of their engine component manufacturing company into the Asian market.   Thailand has a large industrial sector with a high demand for transportation equipment, so company A has the potential to do well in the Thai market.   A possible benefit is that the Thai government and US government have good ties, which will make the transition easier, since Thailand will welcome new investors in the market with minimal “red tape”.   The Thai government also offers different incentives for new businesses.   Examples are tax breaks, tax deductions, and lower interest for loans.   These incentives have helped boost Thailand’s manufacturing economy, so company A should be entering a profitable industry.   Company A will also have a benefit when dealing with the labor force in Thailand.   The company will be able to save money, while still generating a quality product.
Company A will need to consider Thai culture and business practices before expanding their company to Thailand.   Examples of cross-cultural issues are language barriers, differences in values, and differences in labor.   The most important cross-cultural issue that should be addressed is communication.   Communication can be verbal, non-verbal, and written.   Obviously the language barrier is something that company A needs to consider.   The person within the business that will be negotiating should learn Thai, and ensure that they are learning the dialect of the region of Thailand that they are dealing with.   Thailand has different dialects based on the region of the country, but Central Thai is usually spoken everywhere, since this is the language used in schools and universities within the country (Warnstam, 2009).   Most countries have more respect for people who speak the local language when they are moving their business into their country, because the business is the one that is considered a guest.   Even if company A learns the Thai language, they should...

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