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Egg Osmosis Essay

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Below is an essay on "Egg Osmosis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What you need:

raw egg
tongs (optional)

What you do:

Using vinegar and a raw egg.
Put an unbroken egg into a jar filled with vinegar(make sure to cover egg completely). Within about 24 hours the shell will dissolve leaving the inner intact and "flubbery". Carefully remove the egg from the jar and rinse with clear water. The egg will be intact and squishy soft.

What do you think will happen?

Remember to record what hapens - take notes
Shows how vinegar eats thru, dissolves calicum.
Hold it up to a light and look in!
Draw what you see
Cut into it. What do you think you'll find? Is the yolk firm or squishy?
Take photos
Try this using other materials and conditions,
  * instead of vinegar try sugar water, soda pop, pineapple juice, plain water...
  * instead of an egg try a clam shell, tooth, bone (from leftovers!)...
  * try doing one of these in room temp, one in the frig and one in the freezer
  * try doing several of these side by side - several jars
  * take notes state timing, observations, etc

Words to look up
acetic acid
Calcium carbonate
single cell
cell structure

The reaction of the eggshell and the vinegar is an acid-base reaction. Calcium carbonate, (a base), that makes up the shell reacts with the vinegar (acid) to make carbon dioxide.
The vinegar breaks apart the solid calcium carbonate crystals which the eggshell is made of, into their calcium and carbonate parts. The calcium ions (ions are atoms that are missing electrons) float free, and the carbonate makes carbon dioxide - this is where you see those bubbles.

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