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Drug Free Essay

  • Submitted by: rwaits
  • on April 2, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Drug Free" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In California, the State Law regarding drug testing states that “employers of 25 or more must reasonably accommodate employee wishes to participate in a rehabilitation program, provided no undue hardship is created; the employee may not have to pay for preemployment or continuing employment exam; and the California Department of Health interprets the state's laboratory licensing law to prohibit any drug test not performed in a certified laboratory or by a licensed physician” (U.S. Department of Labor).Employers have different reasons to conduct drug testing including “preemployment detection of illicit drug use, determination of fitness to work, maintenance of workplace security, and confirmation of suspended illicit drug or alcohol use” (Sloboda & Bukoski, 2003).
Drug testing is as simple as it sounds. It uses different methods to determine if illegal drugs or alcohols are being abused by those tested. “The most common types of drug testing use Breathalyzers and laboratory studies of urine, blood, and hair specimens” (Hanson, Venturellli, & Fleckenstein, 2005). Aside from these, some methods also make use of saliva and sweat.   The most common test used is urine testing.   Most companies use them because the cost is cheap and there are many facilities that can do urine tests quickly and can me done cheaply.   For the tester, a urine test can be manipulated.   Just by abstaining from drug usage for a short period of time and flushing the body with water you can receive a negative for drugs urine test and still be a drug user.   The second type of testing listed is blood tests.   The blood tests are quite expensive and the most effective.   For the tester this is considered a very intrusive form of drug testing.   Because they are expensive and take more time than urine tests they are not very commonly used by pre-employment screenings.   Hair testing is very accurate.   The hair test can detect drug usage over a long period of time   If someone that is being tested is a...

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