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Dreams And Inspiration Essay

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My dreams and aspiration
Ever since I was a young I always love the sound of music and was very curious about how the vocals would match up and sound so perfect. I would always go and ask my parents how that is possible. I wanted to find out more about it. One day my father took me to New York by one of his from back in High school studio but, I didn’t want to leave. At the time he was recording a session for a major rap artist today who is known as Jadakiss.   After that day I wanted to own my own studio.
My dreams and hopes for the future is to become a recording engineer. Recording and engineering is great for me because it is easy to get a job with everyone wanting to be a rapper or singer and it’s not really that much in the world. This is why I would like to become a recording engineer and producer. I chose this field because I love music and I love the different talents of people from acting to rapping. Whenever I get a chance to go on a break or vacation I go by my cousin house where he has his house studio with the booth in the closet. I really enjoy my time being there because I get better as time move on. Even though it’s a little studio in the near future I hope to own a nice, big, decent studio.
I am currently going to ISW studio on the weekend and working hard to get better at my skill. People doubted me and told me that I was not going to be nothing but in the end, I am going to prove them wrong and end up being their boss. From when I was growing up I had always had a leader mind frame so whatever I do people try to follow, so with that said I am planning to use my leadership in a positive way and work hard to be a successful engineer in the world.
When I’m finished with high school I plan to attend Full Sail University. Most of today’s best recording engineers attend there. Even Rock City recommends it for anyone that loves making a music master piece. This is my dreams and hopes for the future

My Dreams and Aspiration...

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