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Divisions And Research In Biopsychology Essay

Below is an essay on "Divisions And Research In Biopsychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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PSY5106 |Jeremy Owens | |
|                                                                 |                                                                 |
|Biopsychology                                                     |1: Divisions and Research in Biopsychology                       |
|                                                                 |                                                                 |


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Divisions and Research in Biopsychology
|Divisions of Biopsychology                         |                                                                                         |
|                                                   |Research                                                                                 |
|Physiological Psychology                           |Direct manipulation of the brains of nonhuman animal subjects in controlled experiments   |
|                                                   |to better understand the development of theories that explain brain-behavior             |
|                                                   |relationships.                                                                           |
|Psychopharmacology                                 |The study of drug-induced changes in mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior.             |
|                                                   |Psychoactive and chemical interactions with the brain are studied in humans using MRI's   |
|                                                   |and other neuroimagery techniques.                                                       |
|Neuropsychology                                     |Studies the structure and function of the brain related to specific psychological         |
|                                                   |processes and behaviors. Research is done in clinical settings and is involved in         |

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