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Different Types Of People At The Gym Essay

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  • on February 6, 2012
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Working on the weekend at a gym in Eastlake, made me release the different types of people who enter the doors of this facility. I would carefully absorb every person who enters and each one of them fit into one of the three categories. By the end of my observation I realized that the three groups are Mr. Fitness, New Years Resolutions, and the Hopeless One.
Mr. Fitness, is at the gym every morning and night, Lifting the heavy weights, running on the treadmill for hours, doing hundredths of push ups. Everything is done fast and perfect.   There is no stop for anything. Most of them are training for a marathon, sport try outs or bodybuilding. While working out their in there moment, you could be calling their names for houses and you wouldn’t see any acknowledge of them. They’re very dedicated the gym and are usually well know by the other members or coworkers. They are the ultimate fitness guru. Mr. Fitness is in excellent shape and looks like he has not eaten a carbohydrate in his life. They don’t have an ounce of fat on them. They probably have all the latest work out gear and they do there sets at exact intervals with a stop watch to keep them on schedule along with his journal to track the progress. There most likely have a protein shake with them at all times.
New Years Resolutions, This are the people who pig out, eating every fatting food possible thought out the hole month of December knowing that when the month of January comes around there goal would be to get in shape and work out everyday. New year, new person. This routine goes for couples of weeks and then stops. This person is normally seen working out with a personal trainer due to his registration package they just signed up with. They probably have a few new gym outfits to help motivate them and make them fit in. There exited for this new resolution. They work hard for the first couple of weeks.   However, there out of shape for a reason and once there personal training sessions run out, they...

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