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Differences Between Romanesque And Gothic Churches Essay

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  • on November 27, 2011
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5. Both styles Romanesque and Gothic were placed in Western Europe, in the middle Ages, but not at the same time. Romanesque was first. It began in the 7th century and reached to the rest of Western Europe in a short period of time. It was the main architectural and artistic style until 12th century, when it gave way to the Gothic architecture. The Gothic style was developed fully in France and England during the 12th century and by the 13th century, Gothic style spread to Germany.
      Although the Gothic Period followed the Romanesque, they did not follow the same elements.
      These two main styles of architecture, have many similarities, but also have many differences. This is because lifestyles changed in the time between these two epochs. The Romanesque Churches were designed with more protective purposes than for any aesthetic quality as Gothic Cathedrals were. Monasteries and Churches housed the relics of saints, and during the Romanesque period the cult of relics became a major cultural factor influencing architecture. Devout Christians would undertake long pilgrimages in order to visit the relics of saints and martyrs. People traveled widely to visit sites and see relics believing them to have curative powers.
       Gothic style architecture included big churches called cathedrals. Cathedrals had tall towers. They were made that way so when people look up at them they could think of God. The towers and particularly their top called steeple represent the infinity and the connection with God. Gothic cathedrals represented faith, dedication, and cooperation.
      The primary characteristics of Romanesque architecture are Roman in origin: large internal spaces, covered by barrel vaults, rounded arches on doors and thick walls.   Romanesque buildings were solid, heavy because of the thick walls with no windows and, as a result dimly lighted. They had a heavy frame structure needed to hold the heavy ceiling while Gothic cathedrals were built with a...

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