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Dengue Essay

  • Submitted by: acemahinay
  • on April 11, 2011
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Dengue Fever or dengue hemorragic fever is an acute febrile disease which is
common in tropical countries such as the Philippines. It is caused by a mosquito-
borne virus called the "Dengue Virus". When a person is infected by the Dengue
Virus, he/she will have a sudden onset of fever, headache, muscle and joint pains.
Other symptoms could be retro-orbital pain (pain at the back of the eye), gastritis, and
the "classic dengue rash" which usually appears first on lower limbs and can appear
later during the disease.   The agent of cause of Dengue fever are particularly a class of
Aedes mosquitoes which thrives on swampy places or areas with stagnant waters and
tropical climates.Thus, Dengue fever cases rises high at rainy seasons such as July
and August. With the outbreak of the said disease, many Filipinos especially young
children were infected. Some were successfully discharged and cared for, while there
are others who didn't survive the deadly disease and died.
Dengue virus infection is an escalating health problem throughout the world
because of increasing mortality and morbidity and is currently endemic in over 100
countries. The rapid geographic expansion of both the virus and the mosquito,
regularity of epidemics, and the increasing occurrence of Dengue Haemorrhagic
Fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) are all causes for great concern  
particularly in Guadalupe, Cebu City where an increased frequency of the infection
has been observed in recent years.

Multiple outbreaks have been City is up by more than 35 percent during the
first eight months of the year 2010 compared to the same period in 2009 but the
mortality rate has gone down. As of August 2, the Cebu City Epidemiology Statistics
and Surveillance Unit have only recorded nine deaths since January compared to
thirteen last year (2009). These came from Barangays such as Pardo, Bulacao,
Calamba, Mabolo, Busay, Punta Princessa and Babag with one...

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