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Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication
In this paper I will explain demonstrative communication. I will provide examples on how it can be effective or ineffective or positive and negative for the receiver and sender. Demonstrative communication can be defined as the process of sending/receiving messages and involves the exchanges of thoughts or information. Thus we all have different ways of communicating with others to express how we are feeling and what we are thinking.
Effective and Positive Communication
Effective demonstrative communication can be accomplished by nonverbal actions for example, an individual is giving a presentation or even a speech, their tone of voice and facial expressions to the audience can provide a form of positive communication. As long as the person seems pleasant and gives the presentation this way, it could be taken as effective communication. Also how the individual moves and expresses themselves to the audience can be taken as positive if perceived this way. According to Endress (2008-2011) “Research has shown that 93% of communication is non-verbal.” Non verbal communication consists of things such as clothing, appearance, posture, facial expressions, eye contact, touch and many more. So more of what is focused on during a presentation or speech isn’t necessarily your message but how you are presenting it.
For example, you are giving a presentation to a group of coworkers that you deal with on a daily basis. You know these individuals and you’re able to assess their body language to know if the information you are providing is being effectively retained. Say one maybe one of two people are looking at their cell phones and reading something on it then from what you gather you are communication to them is ineffective and you may want to change your presentation approach to regain their attention to the matter at hand.
Ineffective and Negative Communication
Ineffective verbal and nonverbal demonstration can lead to something such as job...

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