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Democracy Essay

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  • on August 14, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Democracy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Latin American Transformation

Latin America has undergone a transition to democracy from authoritarian rule as well as a transition from state dominated to open market economy.   These historic transitions are the result of cultural, institutional, as well as socio-economic events which have shaken both the politics and economics of Latin America to the core.   These transitions have not always occurred smoothly or without much resistance, rather resistance is usually the rule rather than the exception.   Latin America is much better as a region today because of these events and transitions than it ever been since the beginning of colonization in the 1500’s.  
The defeats of the military dictatorships as well as the defeats of left-wing revolutionary movements formed the basis of the capitalism and democracy in the region.   To ensure the long – term survival of democracy, much focus was placed on the institutional changes.   Presidentialism was definitely of concern, and statistal analysis was used to give evidence that it causes breakdowns in presidential as well as parliamentary regimes.   Issues raised are terms in office, political stalemate between the Executive and the Congress, as well as the claim that presidentialism supports populist outsiders.   Elections spread quickly and basically become the norm for Latin America.   The democratic transition stared in Ecuador in 1979 when the citizens approved a constitution and in the process electing Jaime Roldos to take the reins from the military government as president.   Per u, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, and Paraguay all soon held elections and helped to consolidate democracy in the region.   As mentioned earlier the process of democratization did not take place without resistance.   In April of 1992, President Fujimori of Peru shuddered Congress, and in 1993 Guatemalan President Jorge Serrano shut down Congress illegally in addition to the Supreme Court and eventually was forced to flee the...

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