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Death Knocks Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Death Knocks" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Present the author
Era:   that it was written. Historically, why was the play relevant?
Plot: outline, who did what to whom
Theme/Message: What does the author teach us about life
Show some scenes: serious and satirical. As Quynh talked about the plot of this drama and you guys have just seen the funny video clip of it. I think most of us here see death is serious business and it absolutely happens when we get old or die for sick. But in this drama, instead of associating death with evil and dread, Woody Allen portrayed it as clumsy and incompetent. Also, we can see negotiation between main the character and the reaper is such a humorous conversation. So I think the author uses humor in order to make readers be able to view death in a lighter manner, and convince them not to be stressed out of death, things come will come, and we should enjoy with what we’ve had in life.
Check into a hotel and go to a movie. Take a schvitz. Don’t make a federal case.‖ (page 1100)
Nat’s wit, made it seem like Death had no power over him, as it was not recognized.
Reflect on the significance of this play:   Nat of ―Death Knocks encountered death as well, but saw value in his life, thus finding a way for an extension. Although it was just for 24 hours, every second was quite a big deal for him.
How did the world react to its presentation?
Nat was proud of his accomplishments, ―I make a beautiful dollar. I sent two kids, through college. One is in advertising, the other’s married. I got my own home. I drive a Chrysler. My wife has whatever she wants. Maids, mink coat, vacations. Right now she’s at the Eden Roc. Fifty dollars a day because she wants to be near to her sister. He was successful, although, he still wasn’t contempt with the time he had, he wanted more. (page 1100)
How were you affected? Through this drama, I would like to say it teaches me some valuable things regarding life and how I could react to my death later
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