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Discuss some of the ways differences and inequalities are made on the streets of the UK.

  For this question I will be looking at what I have learned from the information about City Road in Cardiff and using it to discuss the differences and inequalities about a street that I know well.   The street that I have decided to use Stand Street, Douglas, Isle of Man.   This is the main shopping precinct for the Isle of man and stretches for just over a mile.
  The main street itself has been made a pedestrian only area at certain times of the day.   So between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday, cars and lorries are not permitted to access the street.   This makes it a lot safer and more enjoyable to the shoppers as they can move from shop to shop more freely.   The disadvantage of this is people have to either travel to the town on public transport or use one of the 3 main car parks to park their cars, all of which charge over the top prices, as they know that people will have to pay this.
  There are shops situated on both sides of the street as you walk down strand street.   These shops are mostly made up by high street clothes shops, shoe shops, pubs, cafĂ©'s and take away shops.   The shops seem to cater for mostly English styles and there is nothing that would suit anyone looking for any types of ethnic wear.
  There are many signs covering Strand street giving out various piece's of information to the shoppers.   These signs include, no bike's, no skateboarding, no ball games and most importantly CCTV in operation.   When walking down the street the CCTV cameras are obvious to see every 100 yards.   These not only make people feel safer and secure when going about there daily business, but also discourages vandalism and crime in the area.
  One of the things you will notice within this Street, is that there is no grocery shops.   Over the years these shops have not lasted within Strand Street due to the fact there is 2 large supermarkets within the vicinity of...

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