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Dbq 1750-1780 Essay

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  • on February 1, 2011
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From the 1750s to the 1780s, American society was becoming less democratic in property distribution, as there was a large difference between the affluent and insolvent, more democratic in religion and social structure, as displayed by the notion that all men were equal and expressed through the Great Awakening, and more democratic in politics as displayed by the Salutary Neglect, as demonstrated in the microcosm of these trends: Wethersfield, Connecticut.
The economic difference between numerous colonists was progressively undemocratic. It is clear that the poor’s economy did not recover between 1750 and 1780; in fact, it does the opposite. In 1773 the poor became shoddier and didn’t own much land, which caused the fissure between the rich and the poor to widen (Doc B). Also The amount of land the wealthy had obtained doubled in 1773, causing many of the lower class to loss much, if not all, of their land (Doc C).The Proclamation of 1763, which the King established after the French and Indian war, circumscribed development of the colonies past the Appalachians, curbing the growing population to a non-growing region, significantly increasing the poor community.
The social and religious dissimilarity amongst numerous settlers over the breach of 1750-1780 changed in crucial ways, but democracy was still only somewhat dominant. For instance, there were fewer slaves and more free blacks in 1774. (Doc A) The Puritans believed that only one hundred and forty-four thousand believers would be protected from hells fires; however throughout the 1750s-1780 they became less harsh and disciplined. They started to believe that all were equal under God. There were however, exceptions. Reverend James Lockwood, in 1754, argued that certain people were actually born into “inferiority and subjection.” (Doc J). These views opposed the major religious movement of the era: the Great Awakening. The main idea of the Great Awakening originated from the Puritans. It became a...

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