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David Brook Essay

  • Submitted by: vtkt94
  • on July 19, 2012
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Kim Van
                                                    David Brooks

          The research of Putnam and his team helps people understand more clearly about the effect on children caused by inequality in parents’ outcome in the future; the biggest effect or problem is that it will make America society more separated. First, the author points out two main reasons- money and time that parents spending on their kids. In the past, both of rich and poor parents supported their kids in the same way; however, the richer parents now invest more than the poorer parents. Take time for example, the high school educated parents used more time for children over 10 years ago, while now the college graduated parents spend more time on reading stories, playing, and talking with kids. Another factor is money, the amount of upper income parents’ money on children’s school as well as extracurricular activities has rose by $5,300 per year, whereas the rising amount is just about $480 for low income parents’ children. Therefore, it leads to a huge gap together with a complete difference between kids’ lives. For instance, the rich kids like to participate more in activities, religious services, sport, studying and volunteer works. Comparing to poorer kids, they meet more problem in test scores, being paranoid, pessimistic, and stubborn due to having fewer opportunities in developing themselves. This thing happens continuously because rich married rich, intelligent married intelligent, and poor married poor. However, the essay suggests some idea to solve this problem such as funding more money on kid welfare than elderly healthcare, increasing taxes from credit and other programs by conservatives, liberal’s idea about marriage should have before children were born and so forth.
          From my point of view, this problem will be more serious in in the near future if government does not solve it. It is extremely unfair as well as unequal for poor children, and...

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