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Dangers Of Technology Essay

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Themes exist in every novel. Some themes may be easy to see and easy to relate to; at other times, themes may be hidden within the writing and may require some deeper thinking to truly understand them. Nevertheless, all novels contain themes. These themes can give the reader insight into the true nature of the world that they are living in. The novels Jurassic Park and The Killer Angels gave me a whole new insight on modern age technology, and almost completely changed my view on it.
One of the prevalent themes in the novel Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton is the potential danger of technology. In his novel, a man named John Hammond invests millions of dollars in a project to clone dinosaurs and creates Jurassic Park. However, Hammond wants to run the park with minimal staff to save money and improve efficiency, so he designs his park to be run by a network of computers that operate virtually every function of the park. Unfortunately, this computer system has several bugs in it, and the entire system is rendered useless over a twenty-four hour period. Michael Crichton uses this scenario to see what it would be like to have all the computers in a technology-dependent society suddenly crash and malfunction. The workings and functions of any complex computer system, such as the fictional Jurassic Park, cannot be completely devoid of bugs or viruses and could crash anytime. In a society completely dependent on technology, a crash could bring disaster. Therefore, humans cannot be completely dependent on even the most complex of computer systems. Crichton also displays man’s hunger for scientific discovery and power in his novel. Supercomputers, not humans, perform most, if not all of the scientific DNA cloning in Jurassic Park. DNA is so long and complex that not even the most powerful of computers can completely decipher and understand even one single strand of it. This is   seen in the novel as the main scientist at Jurassic Park, Dr. Wu, is only half-aware of...

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