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Current Trend of National Income Essay

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Puja Sharma

National Income is defined as the sum total of all the goods and services produced in a country, in a particular period of time. Normally this period consists of one year duration, as a year is neither too short nor long a period. National product is usually used synonymous with National income. Alfred Marshall in his ‘Principle of Economics’ (1949) defines National income as “The labor and capital of a country, acting on its natural resources, produce annually a certain net aggregate of commodities, material and immaterial, including services of all kinds…..and net income due on account of foreign investments must be added in. This is the true net National income or Revenue of the country or the national dividend.” Irving Fisher defined national income as “The national dividend or income consists solely of services as received by the ultimate consumers, whether from their material or from human environments. Thus, a piano or an overcoat made for me this year is not a part of this year’s income, but an addition to capital. Only the services rendered to me during this year by these things are income.” Central Statistical Organization defines National income as “National Income is the sum of factor income earned by the normal residents of a country in the form of wages, rent, interest and profit in an accounting year.”

The study of National Income is important because of the following reasons:  

To see the economic development of the country. To assess the developmental objectives. To know the contribution of the various sectors to National Income.

Internationally some countries are wealthy, some countries are not wealthy and some countries are in-between. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult to evaluate the performance of an economy. Performance of an economy is directly proportionate to the amount of goods and services produced...

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