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Critique Of “Tweens: Ten Going On Sixteen”

  • Submitted by: hiamust
  • on November 2, 2011
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Critique of “Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen”
In the article, “Tween: Ten Going on Sixteen’’, author Kay S. Hymowitz explains that children between the ages of eight and 12, also known as tweens, ate considering themselves to be more mature at a younger age. These tweens are getting rid of their childish belongings for older possessions; changing their child-like behaviors for those of a more mature adolescent or adult. Hymowitz uses many strategies to approach the article but not all strategies work to her advantage.
Hymowitz begins the article with a personal anecdote of her ten year old daughter ad how she “morphs” from being a child to a teenager. She explains the different behaviors her daughter possess as a result of this. Opening the essay with this paragraph starts the reader off with an interesting topic. The use of a personal example to show the transition from childhood to teenage years through her daughters own action foreshadows the audience with what they are to expect when reading the rest of the article. In the same paragraph Hymowitz uses words such as “mysteriously, glowering, and threatening,” to keep the audience intrigued about what the author is trying to imply about the daughters’ “rite of passage”. The authors’ word choice gives the article a negative connotation; this negative connotation brings concern to the audience, who happen to be the parents of these tweens.
Due to the word choice of the first section in the article the author changes the tone of the article. For example, Hymowitz uses phrases like “adorable puppy posters” to “now dead to the world”. This tone change gives the tweens parents the idea that their child could be doing or going through the same thing. Hymowitz does a good job of creating this concern by adding phrases and words like this because after reading it parents are concerned that this phase their child is going through is not going to pass and that it is going to become a lifestyle.
This concern turn to...

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