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Crime Prevention Essay

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Crystal Fields
Senior Seminar
Prof. Brooks
April 09, 2012
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

This paper will address crime and the prevention of crime through environmental design. Included will be attributes to lessen the crime rates. This paper will also address the Colonial, Industrial, and Post Industrial times and the impact of crimes during those time periods. It will include theories and their profile also.  
Colonial Times
Crime has always existed. In colonial times crimes existed and were handled very differently. The traditions of laws were from the English people. The English people were in control of a lot of things far as laws and ways of life. In the colonial time period, many things were different when it came to law and law enforcements. Sheriffs, constables, and the introduction of law enforcement, came about in the A.D. times. For many years citizens played the police. They were called constables. Throughout the colonial time period, regular citizens held special powers and privileges.   The citizens that enforce   the law were common day citizens. The citizens were not paid for their services, but they were thankful for being able to protect their society. Law citizens were called for aid to protect people in the community from thieves, and other lawbreakers.
In the industrial times, crime was very prevalent. People continued to be deviant, which needed to be addressed. Since that time period constables and citizens were the law, society needed some structure and guidance. They needed a formal force. During this time period the Bow Street runners came about. The Bow Street Runners have been called London's first professional police force. The force was founded in 1749 by the author Henry Fielding and originally numbered just six. Bow Street runners were the public's nickname for these officers, "although the officers never referred to themselves as runners, considering the term to be derogatory". The Bow Street...

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