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contrast paper

  • Submitted by: wisdommike69
  • on April 12, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Is it possible that being grounded and being in jail be compared to one another?   Having
personal experience with both situations have lead me to believe that there are both similarities and
Differences between both being grounded and being in jail.   Being grounded is usually associated with
Children or adolescent age groups while being in jail involves late aged teens to grown adults over the
Age of 18 years old.   Both being grounded and being in jail deal themselves with different consequences  
Resulting in being denied privileges.
There are numerous correlations between being grounded and being in jail.   One similarity
between the two is:   The loss of Privileges.   Both result in different consequences but can relate to the
Severity of the loss of privileges.   Being grounded can result in many different ways of how one can loss
privileges.   Majority for the bases of being grounded and being in jail with the loss of privileges would
conclude of the following:
A removal from complete social setting.   Being grounded with the removal of social setting
would include not being able to associate one’s self with friends or other non-family members.   While
being in jail involves total removal from society.   The loss of privileges consequence teaches discipline
and self control so that the individual learns from there mistake to become more responsible and aware
of its own actions.   From being grounded the loss of privileges can result in many different ways.   For a
individual this can result in: Earlier curfew, no extra circular activities, leisure activities, hobbies, sports
ect.   Keeping the individual from enjoying one’s self due to bad choices.   Being In jail results in a similar
way.   Earlier bedtime, removed from social setting, told when to eat, all around resulting in total obey.  
Loss of privileges are often granted back after good behavior and lessoned learned.   Both being
grounded and being in jail acquire a certain...

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