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Concept Analysis

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Introduction   To a Problem of Practice
February 03, 2012

Introduction   To a Problem of Practice
Nursing theory is defined by Parker and Smith (2010) as a systematic guide for the practice of nursing.   With the use of these theoretical systems, issues in practice, education and research can be identified improved and resolved.   As any of these issues are singularly or collectively examined, the quality of healthcare delivery has the potential for improvement. This validates the science of nursing practice’s commitment to quality patient care and outcomes.
As the journey into the graying of a global population begins, it is imperative for the health care venue to establish and to embody the essential components that will be able to provide cost effective quality care that will produce optimum outcomes.   Only through the recognition of the client/patient’s need to receive care in an environment of healing and the professional nurse’s need to deliver this care in a skillful, knowledgeable and compassionate interaction can the mandates to our healthcare system be achieved. With that said,   a practice problem related to the competency of caring in nursing practice has been identified by the writer.   This problem begged the question; does competency and caring in clinical nursing practice impact the outcomes and the quality of life of patients/clients?   As this question was asked, a review of theory and literature was undertaken to determine the issues and solutions.  
A review of theorist revealed the work of Ernestine Wiedenbach’s grand theory of clinical practice a helping art model.   This author derived through extensive reading of Gesse and Dumbro’s (2001) biography of Ms. Wiedenbach’s life, practice and theory in Nursing Theory edited by Marilyn Parker (2001), a theory that directly addresses the concepts of competency and caring. The correlation of competency coupled with caring is evident through her statement of her vision utilizing the   four key elements...

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