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Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills Essay

  • Submitted by: uboss322
  • on November 21, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Computers Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills

The computer plays a big role in everyday life and gives in the education. It can be effective tools for helping students learn academic subjects, but children will always need human teachers to provide moral guidance and social development. Computers cannot help students with the difficult social and moral problems they face.
Students need teachers to help them learn how to think critically and make judgments. Computers are impotent in solving social and emotional problems teachers face. Nowadays, class notes and entire textbooks go on the computer. Teacher podcasts and homework assignments are all accessible with a simple click. It may help students and teachers make class work easier. But computers allow students to slack off, cheat more, or surf the web instead of focus on their studies. Computers cannot address this lack of morals that allow some students to copy unknown work. Students need help and practice to learn self-discipline and responsibility. In schools, the kind of intellectual, social and moral development that young students need, especially in a computerized driven culture, must come from teachers who themselves are critical thinkers and who demonstrate the responsibility.
In a mathematics class, a teacher uses a touch-screen white board to illustrate a problem. Each student can type answers at their desk. The biggest problem is that students cannot show their math works. In “Computer Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills” David Gelernter argued that the computer should be only utilized under certain conditions in the school because it lowers the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. He used an article from the Wall Street Journal report, and argued it students scored on computation tests in grades K-3 have dropped 10 percent at one school, focusing only on the principal of addition and subtraction. Calculators are not allowed in Japanese elementary school because it helps on improving...

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