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Compare And Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: pentel
  • on June 9, 2009
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Compare and Contrast Essay
Both Lord of the Flies and Treasure Island have similar and dissimilar themes about human nature. They have comparative themes about anarchy, human desire, and evilness, and contrasting themes about adult authority, maturity, and supernatural figures. Both novels support that savagery is brought by disorder, greediness can cause destruction, and innate evil is within every human being. However, both novels also have opposing themes about the influences of adults, how boys become mature, and views about “beasts.”
One similar theme portrayed by both novels is that savagery and violence is a result of anarchy. In Lord of the Flies, most of the boys slowly turned from being civilized to being savages. Without rules and order, Jack’s group started practicing rituals which led the boys to harming each other. They began to dance around the bonfire and role play a hunt, pretending that some of the boys were the prey, not realizing that they were hurting or killing them. Likewise, the pirates in Treasure Island adopted a violent behavior. After sailing for so many years on different journeys in a ship full of courageous men – a ship without much regulation – they learned how to be rough and harsh. They were not hesitant to kill their new and innocent shipmates just for the sake of seeking the treasure.
Both novels also represent the theme that every human being has the destructive tendency to be greedy. Jack, in Lord of the Flies, portrayed the human need to satisfy desires. He was the leader of the school choir, so he longed for power and total control of the boys on the island. His desire to be the leader, however, caused him to break off from Ralph’s group, marking the end of innocence and the start of evil. Similarly, in Treasure Island, all the crew members of the ship yearned to get hold of the treasure, their desire. Since they all wanted the treasure, the pirates broke apart into two groups, planning a way to steal the treasure from...

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