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Cmr 7 Essay

  • Submitted by: lanvu
  • on March 1, 2012
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Internet based requirements for CRM 7
      Internet based is played important role in CRM. It helps organization gain access over network communication with others.   In order to protect sensitive CRM data, as well as reduce the likelihood of an invalid user gaining access to the system, company need to consider about the security and privacy of client- to- server communications by using Internet Information Services (IIS).   It is necessary to understand and to design about CRM network communication and about the technologies options that provide more secure data transmissions for organization.
      Because the data is transmitted between CRM client and CRM Web-server computer, and it is not encrypted. So, it is easy for someone with malicious can gain access to data. With network design especially (IIS), organization can authenticate users and services, can be used to manufacture CRM tickets and thereby impersonate valid users. Thus, to better to protect data, organization should have secure sockets layer (SSL), which is protocol for communication between CRM client and CRM Web site. To enable SSL, company need to request, to receive, and to apply a certificate from a certification authority (CA) which is loaded when install Microsoft Window Server 2003, and configure SSL on the CRM Web site. Purposing of SSL is helped   company to encrypts data transmitted between computers and is implemented between the Transport and Application layers of the Open-Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, a seven-layer method for network-protocol design.   In addition, SSL enables server authentication, client authentication, data encryption, and data integrity over networks such as the Web.
There are two kind of client-to-server communication. The first one is client-to-server communication for internal deployments, and the second one is client-to server communication for Internet facing deployments.   If company want to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for client access over the...

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