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Clubs Essay

  • Submitted by: jennyanez
  • on March 8, 2012
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Alejandro Limas
February 22, 2009
English 0310


      Today, many people spend their nights at clubs. It is a social, and cultural experience. The sights, sounds, smell, and overall atmosphere fills the senses with input. Todays clubs should not be confused with the clubs of the seventies, now it is a cultural experience rather than a place to experiment with drugs and sexuality. Fashion, Class, and music are three factors that make up the club scene.
      When someone walks into a club a major thing that should be noticed is the fashion and the way you dance. Cloths make up a huge part of the experience; this is also a rapidly changing trend. Last year it was kaki pants and a loose sweater. This year a guy would never think of wearing that to a club he would wear baggy jeans and a tight black sweater with low cut sketcher boots and two articles of silver jewelry. As for girls they used to wear a tube top or a backless shirt with black pants or a black skirt and high shoes or sandals, but now they wear a really short skirt that you can see almost all the legs. Glitter makeup is acceptable on the eyelids but should not be put on the upper arms or chest. The cloths you wear to a club define who you are. If you wear something out of the norm you will be considered a newbie and probably have a hard time finding someone to dance with, because there won’t be as many people with the same look.
Another factor that defines the club scene is class, depending upon where you go defines what sort of people will be there. One can go to a low-income club and it will be small with heavy security and being dressed down is acceptable. Whereas a higher income club will require a tucked in shirt, dress shoes and no hats are permitted or the Mexican style. The bar tenders also differ between the two types of clubs in a lower class club you will find poorly made mixed drinks and cheep beer in plastic cups,...

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