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Clinical Exercise Physiology Review

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EXSC 433
Exam #1 Study Guide
Behavioral Approaches
- Stage of Motivational Readiness to Change Model
o basic concepts (people progress through 5 stages of change at varying rates), (people move back and forth along the continuum)
o what other components are included (Decisional Balance) (Self Efficacy)
o what are the five stages (Precontemplation), (Contemplation), (Preparation) (Action) (Maintenance)
o what are behavioral and cognitive processes and during which stages are they active (Behavioral peaks in the action stage) (Cognitive peaks in the preparation stage)
o what is the main treatment goal for each phase (Preparation stage – increase activity) (Maintenance stage   – prepare for setbacks)
Decision-Making Theory
- basic concept (perceived benefits vs. perceived costs)
- what is decisional balance (one must outweigh the other)
Social Cognitive Theory
- basic concept (influenced by environment, personal factors, and the behavior itself)
- important components: (define & explain)
o self-efficacy (essentially self-confidence)
 what are the four ways we improve self-efficacy
(List performance accomplishments) (Observe vicariously) (Verbal persuasion) (Understand physiological states)
o outcome expectations (Anticipated results)
o self-regulatory strategies (ability to mobilize oneself to perform a behavior regularly in the face of a variety of barriers)
Learning Theory
- basic concept (Complex behaviors arise from many small, simple behaviors)
o what are the two ways we can shape behavior
 (Reinforcing partial behaviors) modifying cues (stimuli)

- define the following
o shaping (Setting a series of intermediate goals that lead to a long-term goal)
o reinforcement (Positive or negative consequences for performing or not performing a behavior)
o antecedent control (Techniques that prompt the initiation of a behavior)
Health Belief Model
- basic concept (Engagement depends on readiness to take action & the belief of the threat of...

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