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Cj216 Essay

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Unit 6 Assignment

June 29, 2012
Prof: Stephen Cogger

Unit 6 Assignment
Many types of technologies are used every day in crime analysis to help with accurate analysis. Some of these types of technologies used in crime analysis include computers, communication systems, and data storage and collection. These technologies all have their own role to play when it comes to crime analysis and are all equally important. One of the main technologies that are used for crime analysis during these times is computers for data storage and collection to assist in crime analysis.
The type of technology necessary for accurate crime analysis would have to be computers. The reason behind this is because only computers can handle all the information that needs to be collected, stored, processed, and made available to law enforcement (Kaplan University, 2005). This means that all the data that is collected, stored, processed, and released will be the same and accurate when it is made available to law enforcement and for crime analysis.
One of the methods used would be the use of computer aided dispatch systems. Computer aided dispatch system (CAD) is a specialized system that uses telecommunications and geographic display to assist police dispatch and response functions (“Crime Analysis Technology”, 2005). The computer aided dispatch system is important in crime analysis because it is used not only to dispatch officers to scenes but to also record information from these service calls. This means that the communication between officers and dispatchers are recorded and records data and information, which is known as unit history because it tracks the officers’ activity.  
Records management system is a data entry and storage system that is designed for police records. The records management system is an important method and tool to crime analysis because it stores all relevant data such as crime reports, arrest reports, information on people, evidence reports, and much...

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