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Chores I Hate To Do Essay

  • Submitted by: tiffy
  • on April 25, 2011
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Chores I Hate To Do

There are many household chores I hate to do.   The top three I suppose would be; mowing the lawn, washing the car, and cleaning out the garage.

The first chore is mowing the lawn.   I feel it is just so time consuming sitting on a tractor outside for hours.   The sun is beating down on you, which makes you become very warm and you start perspiring.   No doubt you will probably get sunburned.   When you are finished mowing the lawn you know that it will only be a matter of a few days and the job will have to be done all over again.

Washing the car is likewise another job that is not liked very well.   It takes too long because you have to take your time and do it right and make sure you get all the dirt washed off.   Meanwhile, you're getting wet and dirty yourself.   After your through with washing the car, you have to dry it all off or you end up with water spots all over the car and that doesn't look good.   Once again, there's another time consuming job that will have to be repeated before too long, especially if it rains shortly afterward or you drive on a dusty road.

Now, we come to cleaning out the garage.   I really don't look forward to this task at all.   There are just so many items packed into a small corner of the garage and half of the stuff should be thrown out.   Cleaning out this area is just something you always want to put off forever, but you know you just have to commit yourself to doing it and spend half the day deciding, should I hang onto this item.   I might need it sometime after I've decided to throw it out.

The three chores that I hate to do, mowing the lawn, washing the car, and cleaning out the garage, are all tedious and time consuming.   When you finally finish the job, in no time you have to start it all over again.

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