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Chloroplast Essay

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Chloroplasts are organelles found in plant cells and other eukaryotic organisms that conduct photosynthesis.   The word chloroplast is derived from the Greek words chloros, which means green, and plast, which means form or entity.   Chloroplasts are members of a class of organelles known as plastids.
Chloroplast is made up of three types of membrane.   The first membrane is a smooth outer membrane which is freely permeable to molecules.   The second membrane is a smooth inner membrane which contains many transporters.   The third and final membrane is a system of thylakoid membranes.   The thylakoid membranes enclose a lumen which is a system of vesicles that may or may not all be interconnected.
Chloroplasts play a major part in the cell.   Chloroplasts role are to be the food producers of the cell.   They are only found in some protists and all plant cells.   They are not found in any animal cells.   They create sugars, and the byproduct of that process is the oxygen that we breathe. That process happens in the chloroplast.   The purpose of the chloroplast is to make sugars and starches. They use a process called photosynthesis to get the job done.   Photosynthesis is the process of a plant taking energy from the sun and creating sugars.   When the energy from the sun hits a chloroplast, chlorophyll uses that energy to combine carbon dioxide and water.   The molecular reactions create sugar and oxygen. Plants and animals then use the sugars for food and energy. Animals also use the oxygen to breathe.
Without chloroplasts the plant cell would be useless.   We need chloroplasts to live our daily lives.   They help provide oxygen into the air that we breathe.   Chloroplasts have one of the main key roles in the plant cell.   They are extremely important.

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