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Childhood Obesity Essay

  • Submitted by: riffin
  • on March 3, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Childhood Obesity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Parental Permissiveness as it relates to Childhood Obesity
Effie Benjamin
English 122
Marnie Nollette
August 27, 1012

Parental Permissiveness as it relates to Childhood Obesity
    Obesity is affecting more children than ever before and parental permissiveness is perceived as the cause of this modern day epidemic.   Parents have no idea that they are the first line of defense in fighting this disease.   Parents fail to believe they must make choices for their children to maintain healthy diets and appropriate physical exercise.   Permissive parents give children as many choices as possible, even when the children are not capable of making good choices.   They do not set clear boundaries or expectations for their children’s behavior and tend to accept in a warm and loving way, however the child behaves.   (Iannelli, 2004)
      Parental permissiveness is perhaps the primary cause of childhood obesity, with justification of this claim, evidenced through findings in this research paper.
      The scope and nature of parental permissiveness as it relates to childhood obesity has been discovered to be a growing problem.   Documentation in the next several paragraphs will reveal and confirm the claim of permissive parents are primarily responsible for obese children.   An in-depth look at parenting styles further validates the claim of the research paper.   The indulgent parent and the uninvolved parent are both styles of permissiveness and the consequences of both styles are highly related to the occurrence of obesity in children.  
      The indulgent parent is a harmful nurturer who gives the child or children many choices even when they are not capable of making good choices.   The indulgent parent avoids, at all cost, confrontation with the child.   This style of parent sees food as a resource or a disciplinary tool that can be used to get the child to perform certain task.  
The parent is in denial about the weight issue of their child and when confronted...

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