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Child Support Essay

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English 102
Children with parents that have been divorced are not being supported by the non-custodial parents due to an antiquated formula and incarceration for lack of payment.   It is my position that there are alternatives that could and should be put in place.


Our Child support system in the United States just isn't working.   The system revolves around an equation that could not possibly take all factors in to account.   The basis of the factors is whether or not the non-custodial parent , the father in almost all cases, has the ability to pay child support by using tax return statements.   The judge then makes a decision, and orders an amount that would be comparable to what that parent would pay or could pay if they were an active guardian in the same household.   The equation does not take into account the non-custodial parent's current bills, other children, self-supporting factors that are necessary to be in a position to generate any income like food and shelter.   To further compound the issue, if the ordered parent cannot pay and does not attempt to modify the order because of changed circumstances, they are incarcerated.   With the non-custodial parent in jail, no money is being made for the guardian ,and on top of that, the state is paying to jail the non-paying parent.


In other countries a social solution has been put into effect that solves many of these problems.   The person that is supposed to benefit from this process is the child, the whole idea is based around supporting the children, not punishing the parent that cannot pay.   A modified equation that takes the parents ability to meet all of his obligations and pay the child support can be put in place.   The real change needs to be one of a monthly review of the case. A simple mail questionaire from DFS would allow the non-custodial parent to immediately show that a change of circumstance had occured....

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