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Chem Lab Report

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Laboratory Report for Experiment #5 Titration of Acids and Bases 1

Acids and Bases – Volumetric Analysis

I. Introduction

The purpose of this experiment was to understand the basic techniques of titration, solution preparation and volumetric analysis.

A fundamental property of aqueous solutions is the determination of hydronium ion [H3O+] concentration. The pH of a solution mathematically describes the hydrogen ion concentration [H+], where: (p37)

pH = -log [H+]

A strong acid or base in one which is completely (100%) ionized in dilute aqueous solution. A solution containing 0.1 M of hydronium ions (p37)

HNO3(aq) -> H3O+ (aq) +

II. Procedure:

Directions given in the laboratory manual (p40-41) were followed. KHP, NaOH solutions, HCL, and Phenolphthalein were used.

III. Tabulated Experimental Data:

Table 1

|                               |Trial 1                         |Trial 2                         |Trial 3                         |
|Mass of KHP                     |0.2003g                         |0.1947g                         |0.1921g                         |
|Final buret reading NaOH       |40mL                           |30.5mL                         |22.7mL                         |
|Initial buret reading of NaOH   |50mL                           |40mL                           |30.5mL                         |
|Volume of NaOH used             |10mL                           |9.5mL                           |7.8mL                           |
|Molarity of NaOH               |0.098 M NaOH                   |0.1 M NaOH                     |0.12 M NaOH                     |

Average: (0.098 + 0.100 + 0.120 ) / 3 = 0.106 m NaOH

Table 2

|                               |Trial 1                         |Trial 2                         |Trial 3                         |
|Final buret reading of NaOH     |35.5mL                         |25.5mL                         |15.5mL                         |
|Initial reading of NaOH...

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