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Cell Phone: A Blessing Or a Curse? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Cell Phone: A Blessing Or a Curse?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Sometimes I stop and think: How did we manage without mobile phones? What a blessing it is to have them! When we are traveling, commuting, stranded on the road or in an emergency, they come in handy. But recently, we have become so dependent on this small talking gadget that we feel helpless without it. Since the 1990s, the mobile phone has become a “must.”

Unfortunately, its use has stretched beyond necessity. Some converse casually for hours with the devices glued to their ears, exchanging niceties, jokes and gossip, oblivious of the potential “dangers” of radiation emissions directed to their poor brains. You can only feel the harmful and irritating effects of radiation when the device becomes unbearably hot against your ear. This kind of abuse has become common to many working and nonworking adults, adolescents and even very young children at home, work, in cars, trains, streets, during exercising and all the time. We see cellular phones stuck to ears or earphones and headsets attached to heads. This sight was barely seen a decade ago in the streets or elsewhere.

Cell phone use has become so prevalent that users have exceeded the billion mark. Not only do people carry one mobile in their pockets or bags, but a good number also move around with more than one device. Most of us carry our mobiles close to our bodies or have them stuck to our ears and heads, outdoors, indoors and in closed areas inside cars and train carriages. The moving vehicles switch from one wireless tower to another.

Wireless devices work harder and harder when switching antennas to keep the signal strong, making radiation emissions more powerful and more harmful. The user is unaware of the high radio frequency radiation that is bombarding his body and brain cells. Those who live close to wireless towers and antennas installed on top of houses and buildings are more at risk than others as they are surrounded by radiation. Take a peek out of your windows and you will understand better...

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