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Celebrity Influence Vs. Parental Influence Essay

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Celebrity Influence vs. Parental Influence

ENG 121

It is said that our children are our future. Are we doing enough to insure they are going to be prepared for the world they have ahead of them? You have parents that want nothing but the best for their children and then you have those that leave them to be influenced by what they see and hear on television. In some cases, these scenarios can be completely different where the celebrity is the positive influence and the parent can be the negative influence.
Parents influence their children with their actions and lifestyle as much as celebrities do. Being a parent, I see first-hand on how I influence my child’s growth. When I get mad, I storm off with an attitude and I see my son doing the same thing when he is put in a similar situation. We as parents want our children to be okay with being taken advantage of in the world. We tell them to not get mad and that it will be okay when we know we have been through that situation before and it was not okay, where on the other hand you have a rapper singing about not letting anyone hurt him because he has a gun.
We expect our children to come out of the womb knowing the difference between right and wrong but contradict ourselves right in front of them. We tell them not to smoke and drink while we are sitting on the patio smoking whereas the celebrity is saying how he got drunk and high and it was fun. Children are going to follow what they know and once they get used to doing things a certain way, it is hard for them to change that. I cannot tell my son that he is not to drink and drive and he just saw mommy drink a glass of wine. When the celebrity get on television and sing about how the world was more friendly when he drank that whiskey, that child is going to sit in front of that television and actually consider what that celebrity just said.
Grammar is a problem for me because where I grew up, it was not important. If the person knew what you were trying to...

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