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Can One Be Moral Without God Essay

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  • on April 19, 2013
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Can One be Moral and not believe in God

Can one be moral and not believe in God
Valerie Love-Drayton
PHI 103
Instructor: Mrs. Stacy Miller
December 11, 2012

Can one be moral and not believe in God 1

Moral and not believe in God
I. Introduction: Can one be moral and not believe in God.
          A.   Debatable question to explore one beliefs or   perception of morality and   “God” named the creator of existence.   To believe or not to believe almost similar significance as a quote made in the Act 3 scene of “Hamlet “to be or not to be”., (Shakespeare, 1600)   I will try define morality and God through definition and   research to give the reader a view of intellectual morals opposing Godly moral wisdom to determine life choices of mankind beliefs.
II. Moral functioning as meditated action.; Tappan, M.B (2006) “argue that it is quite useful, both theoretically and emphatically, to adopt a socio-cultrual approach to the study of moral development”, I also consider the work of both carol Gilligan (1982) and Lawrence Kohlberg (1981, 1984) illustrates examples to show how their respective insights about moral functioning and the process of moral development can be interpreted from, and enriched by, mediated action/socio-cultural perspective.” Deductive argument P: Meditating to do right from wrong;   P: To do right from wrong is to critically think of ones behavior C: Behavior is a action of thinking and meditating of right and wrong actions.
A.   Moral defined by Oxford American Dictionary; Healed Colleges Edition
1.   of or concerned with the goodness and badness of human character or with the principles of what is   right or wrong in conduct (behavior)
2. virtuous meaning; having or showing moral virtue
            3. capable of understanding and living by the rules of morality

Can one...

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