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Can Money Buy Happiness? Essay

  • Submitted by: vanle
  • on February 12, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Can Money Buy Happiness?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Can Money buy Happiness?
Would it be better to have one million dollar or would it be better to have a happy life? Some people are really rich but lonely, while others are poor but happy with their surrounding friends and family. For some people it may be not clear to define what is more important between money and happiness? Money can buy lots of things but happiness.
Money defines as life matter. There are lots of ways to have money. You can earn it. You can inherit it from somebody. You can win a lottery. A person’s life style is depended on the money they have. Money can increase the quality of life. For many people, money and what they can do with money, is a measure of their identity and self-worth. "I am successful if I have a good paying job and can buy a new car every 5 years. The more money I have available, the better I feel about myself." On the other hand, limited money makes me feel powerless. For others, life is despicable if they do not make lots of money. They work hard regardless of thinking about family, danger, or anything else on their way. Money has the power. “Having money means having everything”. That kind of power can help people reach their goals, or give them the power to rule their world or dominate others. Do we want to let money take control over everything?
Happiness on the other hand defines as life spirit. Happiness is the most desirable objective for everyone in life. There are many ways leading to happiness.   In my opinion, if you are lucky enough to be alive, fortunate enough to have food, and content in the love you receive, and then you experience happiness which no money can take away. Happiness is an emotion that is characterized by a feeling of absolute contentment. It is the feeling of being where you should be, getting what you want. Different people get happiness in different ways. For some, it comes from having a fulfilling job or a satisfying relationship. For others, it could be the ability to deal with life’s...

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