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Business Law Essay

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Below is an essay on "Business Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.



(1) Access the appropriate Chapter, read through the questions, and then write down what you think the correct answer is.

(2) Next to each question, write down the page number (section, paragraph, and line information is helpful as well) on which you found the answer, so that if your answer does not correspond to one of the choices given when you, ultimately, take the corresponding Chapter’s respective online Quiz, you may go back and quickly research from where the information came.


  1. What are the components of legal astuteness as referenced in the text?

  2. Who or what of the following has the responsibility for deciding which allocation of resources and rewards in a business makes the most business sense?

  3. What approach to business and society introduced in the text is a descriptive framework that integrates legal and societal considerations with mainstream theories of competitive advantage and social responsibility?

  4. What is listed in the text as a component of managing risk when assembling a team in business development?

  5. Name an advocacy group that has lobbied against marketing to children?

  6. Name several ways in which U.S. law protects workers?

  7. What is a term addressing the ability of a manager to communicate effectively with counsel and to work together to solve complex problems?

  8. The “systems approach” to business and society builds on what stakeholder theory insights?

  9. What was created by food advertisers in an attempt to halt government regulation aimed at stopping marketing preying on children’s vulnerability?

  10. Name a Chinese law applying to corporate political activities in China?

  11. What is a type of relationship building lobbying prevalent in China?

  12. Congress rescinded the jurisdiction of which of the following agencies over advertising to children?...

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