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Buffalo Soldiers Essay

  • Submitted by: Sankofa1
  • on February 28, 2012
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English 1020
Essay One: Fiction

Buffalo Soldiers  
                                          The short story Buffalo Soldiers told a story about soldiers that got ambushed by Native Americans.   The buffalo soldiers were African-American cavalry regiments of the United States Army that were stationed in the west. It tells of a person’s first encounter in a battle and how he handles it. It also describes how the cavalry as a whole reacted in the site of battle and confrontation. The character that narrates the story, handles the situation of battle very poorly. This story took place sometime in 1867-1896. This time was a period in history when African Americans were not considered equal towards white people. The geographic location of the story was of outdoor mountainous region of the west. The characters that were in the story consisted of Lazarus the main character and his horse Grey Bat, who the story is followed in his point of view.   Lieutenant Heyl, who was the overseer of the group who was a white lieutenant, the Indians who had ambushed the soldiers, a character called Redbone and the others Buffalo soldiers. The writing style of the story was in a narrative form from Lazarus who was the main character of the story.   In my opinion of the story I thought that for one that the United States Army did not put as much work or effort into the Buffalo Soldiers as the regular white soldiers. Although Buffalo soldiers were paid a salary, they were not treated or were worth the same value as the white soldiers or they didn’t whole up equally. I came to this conclusion when the battle started and Hey’l, started to yell and it almost seemed as though he lost his composure and could not hold his poise together in the face of danger. Also most of the soldiers could not keep it together either, they couldn’t hold there formation together, they were disorganized and not on one accord. Lazarus himself found out the hard way when his weapon did not even...

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