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Brain Drain Essay

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Brain Drain
By Brian K. Seitz, Intellectual Arbitrage Group
  Ayn Rand foreshadowed it in her bestseller, Atlas Shrugged, but what can be done about brain drain? The NEO model offers a new kind of vision for leveraging intellectual property and assets
During the past twenty odd years I have held various titles and positions - almost always with the same small twist to them. I am typically asked to take on the most troublesome areas of a business or project. Part of this is by choice and part of this is by reputation. In days past, people like myself were called corporate troubleshooters or consultants. We had very vague titles and charters to go forth and do good work fixing whatever we saw as a problem within the business. It is from that perspective, as a dispassionate observer, that I offer the following thoughts on business practices today. Nowadays in the fast paced dot.com and the post-large corporation world, the apparent need for deep knowledge, skills and refinement appears to have vanished. If a process or product doesn't work right out of the gate, the rationale goes something like this: patch it quickly, if it doesn't survive in the market, dump it fast. Businesses have become the ultimate example of what was called the disposable generation, tossing products, companies, and people like used KleenexTM However, like all trends and fads, this too shall pass. As corporations like Microsoft, Boeing, CISCO, and Sun Microsystems field new technologies and other corporations wish to field the same; the need for skills beyond typical project management competency becomes more apparent. Shortage of Skilled Workers For evidence of this, we need look no further than the advertised shortage in the I.T. field. The statistics you see from Gartner Group, IDC and the like all show the same painful result. The majority of IT projects fail to meet expectations of the business, and in too many cases just plain fail in some technical aspect. While internally this...

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