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Bleh Essay

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Walter MittyCharacter Analysis
In real life, Walter Mitty isn't anything special. He gets bossed around by his wife a lot. He can't do simple mechanical things. He's forgetful. He's not a great driver, and people always seem to be either yelling or laughing at him for one blunder or another. To compensate for his failings in the real world, Mitty creates an entire "secret life" for himself: a series of fantasies in which he is a powerful, decisive man admired by those around him – everything he is not in reality.Author James Thurber does a beautiful job of closely interweaving Mitty's fantasies with his real life. It's not simply a matter of jumping back and forth from reality to imagination; each fantasy is spurred by some specific sound or word or event in the real world. The "pocketa-pocketa" sound that Mitty hears in several fantasies is likely the sound of his running car driving along the road. When Mitty passes a hospital, this sparks his surgeon fantasy. When a newsboy shouts about the Waterbury Trial, Walter imagines himself in a courtroom. He is wearing a sling in this fantasy, just as he thinks of wearing a sling the next time he goes to a garage. The shout "You miserable cur!" is what reminds Mitty of the puppy biscuits he forgot (10). The Liberty magazine with pictures of air bombers sends him into a fantasy military dugout.These physical or tangible connections between fantasy and dream remind us to look for deeper, emotional connections between them. In Mitty's first fantasy, for example, he is piloting a "naval hydroplane" through a storm while those around him look on in awe and admiration. This is interrupted by Mrs. Mitty's plea for him to slow down. Here Mitty fantasizes about the control that he's missing in his marriage. Mitty is inept at mechanical tasks, so he dreams of being a surgeon – a dexterous genius. As he sits passively waiting for his wife in the hotel lobby, he dreams he is a man of action taking matters into his own hands.Now,...

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