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Bipolar Disorder Essay

  • Submitted by: Belbie
  • on July 11, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Bipolar Disorder" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is psychological illness that affects a person’s mood. Bipolar disorder can be categorized into different subtypes and there are different patterns of symptoms for each of them. There are a number of treatment method and medications for bipolar disorder. Every person that has it experiences its symptoms differently. Bipolar disorder can affect the daily lives of those that have it, whether those affects be positive or negative.
There are different types of Bipolar disorder. Bipolar 1 disorder, which is defined by manic or mixed episodes that last at least one week or by manic episodes that are sever enough to lead to hospitalization. Bipolar 2 disorder, which is defined by a pattern of depressive episodes shifting back and forth between hypomanic episodes. Cyclothymic disorder or Cyclothymia, which is defined by mild episodes of hypomania that shift with depression for at least two years. Rapid cycling disorder, which is defined by four or more episodes of major depression, mania, hypomania, or mixed episodes within one year. There are two major episodes of Bipolar disorder Mania and Depression. These are the symptoms of Mania: heightened mood, exaggerated optimism or self-confidence, excessive irritability, aggressive behavior, decreased need for sleep without feeling tired, grand delusions, inflated sense of self importance, fast talking, fast thoughts, constant ideas, impulsiveness, poor judgment and reckless behavior. The most severe cases of mania can cause delusions and hallucinations. These are the symptoms of Depression: prolonged sadness, unexplained crying spells, significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns, irritability, anger, feeling worrisome, agitation, anxiety, pessimism, indifference, loss of energy, feeling guilty, inability to concentrate, indecisiveness, social withdrawal, loss of interest in this that used to be pleasurable, unexplained aches and pains and recurring thoughts of death and suicide....

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