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Biofuels Essay

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  • on March 13, 2009
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Biofuels are the answer to a better alternative rather than using fossil fuels. Biofuels have become a benefit to the environment and the economy, all over the world. Biofuels are a renewable source and are much cleaner and safer for the environment.

“Biofuels are liquid or gaseous fuels made from plant matter and residues, such as agricultural crops, municipal wastes and agricultural and forestry by-products. Biofuels can substitute conventional fuels in vehicle engines-either totally or partially in a blend.” (pg5, European Commission) There are four different types of biofuels, which are Bioethanol, Ethyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (ETBE), biodiesel, and biogas. Bioethanol is made from rich grain in sugar or starch, cereal crops, sugar beat and sorghum plants, Bioethanol can be used in a modern spark engine that requires no modifications to the engine. Ethyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (ETBE) is made from “Bioethanol reaction with isobutylene.” (pg, 4 European Commission) Biodiesel in mostly made from oil crops like rapeseed and sunflower. Also wastes from animal fats and oils used for cooking can be used. “Biodiesel is used in compression-ignition diesel engines, usually as a five percent blend in cars, up to thirty percent blend in captive fleets such as city buses, and also in its pure form often in modified engines.” (pg, 4 European Commission) Biogas is made form organic wastes from livestock manure, sewage sludge and food processing residues. Biogas can also be recovered from urban waste landfill gases. Biogas can be used in regular vehicles that run on natural gas. (pg, 4 European Commission)

Biofuels are clean renewable fuel sources which are easy to produce from vegetable matter (feedstock, or food crops) like rape seed, cereals, sugar beat, and corn. Because biofuels are made from vegetable matter, if they become more of a demand it will help open up new markets for agricultural production, providing openings for jobs.  

Biofuels are a better...

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