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the benefits of travelling Essay

  • Submitted by: carlosanto9999
  • on June 8, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Student: carlo santo

The benefits of travelling

      It is true that traveling to other countries provides a magnificent panorama of the

multiplicity of cultures. People learn from differences and similarities. It is really

beneficial as it broadens the mind and make as aware of our own roots.

      The experience of travel expands the perspective we have of the world. Immersing

ourselves in places we have never been before is really beneficial as we become aware

of other cultures. For example, people are used to wearing skirts in Scotland while in

most parts of the world it is seen as unusual. When in England, be prepared to find a

monarchy. Furthermore, manners and honour are more highly valued in china than in

other countries. A personal experience in Bolivia made me aware of differences in

clothing. For instance, women wear a full skirt, men striped “ponchos” and both wear a

derby hat, mostly in places near the bordering or in the countryside. There was

difference in meals as well. Bolivians prepare much more spicy meals than

Argentineans; Typical meals are “Picante de pollo” (spicy chicken) and “Saice” which

is a kind of stewed minced and spicy meat.

      Also, traveling provides the opportunity of learning about our own culture and past.

A good example is found in Spanish and Latin-American pronunciation. While the letter

“Z” is pronounced (Ɵ) in Spain, it has an (S) sound in Latin-America (showing a

transformation through time). Another example is found in food. When in Italy, pizzas

and pastas, which are very popular all over America, will remind us of their origin.

Other examples can be found in sports. If we happened to travel to England, we will

find many familiar words used in Football, Rugby and tennis; such words are: “referi”

(referee), “fùtbol” (football), “scrown” (scrown) or “tenis” (tennis). Personally, when I

was 11 I used to wonder about...

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