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Being Kind to Others Essay

  • Submitted by: LilAdriRamos1
  • on November 26, 2013
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A World without Kindness  
Would you want to live in a world without kindness? I wouldn’t. Because it would be a cold heartless place to live in. Because a world without kindness is a sad place. Mother Theresa once said “People are often unreasonable and self centered. Forgive them anyway.” If you show kindness to others, they will show kindness back. When I think about kindness, three voices ask me about kindness in my head: What is kindness? Why do we have to be kind to others? What will it give us if we’re kind?
What is kindness? How do we know that it’s real? Most people would define kindness as going out of your way to help others, or treating people the way you want to be treated.   Kindness is the foundation to many viewpoints of your life. And have people helping me because I helped them. Kindness doesn’t just stop there. Kindness comes and may be given in multiple ways. I would love to be treated like I treat other people, like thanking people for cleaning up after them or clean up your own mess without being asked. We live in a beautiful planet and we move so fast that we tend to forget what we’re living for and why we are living? Every day, people overlook the kindness we are shown because we are too fed up in our own lives.
Why do we have to be kind? Because being kind feels good. Doing something for someone else make us feel good. Just by making someone smile will make you feel better. Because Kindness brightens our world. When we are kind to people, it makes them happy. The more people who experienced kindness from us, the more happy people will be in our lives. By recognizing someone’s need for help and acting on it in a nice manner, it makes the person feel valued. When those around us are happier, our world becomes a brighter, lighter place to live. The ripples of kindness are truly endless.
What will kindness give us? When we’re happy we become kind. Kindness has given us so much in our own life already, I feel horrible asking what kindness...

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