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Behavior Essay

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TCE Behavior Paragraph

I have chosen to disobey the classroom rules at school.   I have disrupted class by talking or performing other childish acts that are unbecoming to a student at TCE.   My teacher had to take away from his or her teaching duties to correct me.   I understand that when I choose to act this way that I am behaving in a rude and impolite manner.   I miss part of the lesson which is important.   By doing this, I hurt myself, and the teacher loses respect for me as a student.   My grades go down because I missed information that may show up on a test.   I disrupt the other students which prevents these students from obtaining an education which is the purpose of schooling.   I may cause other’s grades to be lowered because they missed valuable information.   I get other people into trouble when it is really not their fault.   This makes my friends dislike me.   I am hurting my parents or guardians.   They very much want me to get a good education.   I waste their efforts or time and money when I do not pay attention.   I hurt myself in the eyes of the school administration.   They will realize that I haven’t done my job as being a respectable and upright student.   Most of all I am hurting my future.   The information I miss while misbehaving will be useful to me later.   It might affect my work in another class.   It might affect my ability to complete a test in order to get a job or to enter college.   If I had not been disrupting class, I would not have to copy this as punishment work.   I would then have more time for myself or for more valuable school work.   As I return this statement to my teacher, I will try to pay more attention to my behavior and the rules of the class.   If I choose not to obey these rules, I realize that my teacher will have to take further action in correcting me.   I will try to make better choices.

LHS Behavior Paragraph:
Directions: Copy the paragraph word for word on your own paper _____ times.   Turn it in to your teacher...

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